Burgers on the BBQ

Simple homemade burgers

I can’t stop eating burgers at the moment. Brilliant burger joints are popping up all over Cardiff and with the sun out I want to BBQ every night. For me, ...

Chicken and vegetable hotpot

Chicken and vegetable hotpot

Presented with three key ingredients – a whole chicken, a bag of carrots and a couple of pounds of Maris Pipers – it would be easy to go for the ...

Lamb koftas

Easy lamb koftas

Considering how often I cook meatballs, it’s a surprise even to me that I’ve never made lamb koftas. I’ll always order them off a menu and so I went hunting ...


Best Brownies Ever

Best Brownies Ever

I’m not a fan of the cakey, heavy brownies that seem to ...

My favourite recipe ever – coq au vin

Time to share my favourite ever recipe. I’ve made this for family, ...
Fish Pie with easy cheese sauce

A traditional fish pie (including easy cheese sauce)

For me fish pie is comfort food and a midweek treat all ...

Easy Teas

Osso Buco from above

Easy Osso Buco – Organic September risotto

Two things coincided to make me tackle a simplified version of this Italian classic – it featured on the brilliant Jamie’s Comfort Food and a box of lovely SO Organic goodies arrived from Sainsbury’s for me to try including arborio rice, Pinot Grigio and Balsamic vinegar. So I was all set for a saffron risotto […]

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Southern Fried Chicken

Buttermilk Southern Fried Chicken

I’ve been wanted to try this out for ages – the theory is that the buttermilk tenderises the chicken and then acts as the base for the crispy coating It’s a really easy recipe – to be honest, it was only finding the buttermilk that proved to be difficult. I finally found some in one of the […]

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Baked eggs with chorizo and tomato stew

Huevos Rancheros – baked eggs and chorizo

I’ve no idea how to do this authentically – this is a made-up version based on the idea that I sort-of knew what it should look like. Tastes pretty good :) It’s a quick tea – even quicker if you have a bit of leftover tomato sauce or chilli that you can just add to […]

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Beef and chorizo stew served with rice

Beef and chorizo stew

It’s past the season for casseroles really, but with its chorizo, lemon and parsley this stew is light enough for a long sunny evening. And there are few dishes which aren’t improved by the addition of some fried chorizo. There are only  a few main ingredients and minimal preparation required. Start with the cubed beef – put […]

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Sticky ginger cake

Sticky ginger cake

They say ginger’s good for the digestion – so here’s a cake that’s both a sweet treat and an antidote to a bit of seasonal over-indulgence! It’s darkly sticky from the treacle and if you make it in advance, it’s even better after a few days – richer and stickier if you wrap it in […]

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Pancake cannelloni

‘Pannelloni’ – easy cheesy pancake cannelloni

I always try to eat savoury then sweet pancakes on pancake day – so, cannelloni made with pancakes instead of pasta. These are dead simple to make. Starting with making two pancakes per person – Delia’s is a winner. Make up a ragu or bolognese sauce – or make sure there’s some in the freezer. […]

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Beer pumps at the GBBF

My 2013 200 beer challenge – and a Top 40

Last year I started using the Untappd (drink socially) app to track the beers I drank. I covered most of the familiar, usual brews that I drank so for 2013 set myself a new challenge – to try 200 new beers in the year. Unlike many (all) of the other New Year resolutions that I’ve […]

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Banana nut muffins

Banana nut muffins

You know those slightly sad-looking bananas that get left at the bottom of the fruit bowl? Don’t waste them – they’re a perfect excuse to make cakes. These are really nutty with a lovely sticky fruitiness and little bursts of melting dark chocolate. They’re a great (occasional!) breakfast treat too. You need: 2-4 ripe Fairtrade […]

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Potato cheese and ham croquette

Potato, cheese and ham croquettes

Whenever there’s leftover cooked potatoes from a roast, this is my current favourite way to use them up. You get lovely crunchy breadcrumbs on the outside with soft cheesy centres. For a veggie version, just substitute the ham for some fried diced onion or leek. Boiled or mashed spuds are the easiest to use but baked […]

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Smoker box and cherry wood chips

Smoking new BBQ kit

After years of messing about with charcoal I finally gave in and bought a gas BBQ last year. It’s brilliant – cooking outside so much more now it’s easy. I’ve had my eye on a smoker box for a while though to add in a bit more of the authentic BBQ flavour and also to […]

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