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Sprout, chicken and pecorino winter salad

Sprout, chicken and pecrorino winter salad (M&S recipe) – perfect for post-Christmas as it’s light but also would be ideal for using leftover turkey, cheese, nuts and sprouts.

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Frying the Quesadillas

Setting myself a veggie easyteas challenge

From time to time I get a bit of feedback about my recipes. It’s nice to know it’s not just my mum who’s reading 🙂 I’ve been told that I don’t write enough veggie recipes. I also get teased that everything I eat revolves around pork chops (I won’t name names but you know who […]

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Czech spice pork fillet

[tweetmeme source=”easyteas” only_single=false http://www.URL.com%5D Here’s a quick recipe for the Czech spice mix from the previous post. It’s hardly a recipe really, just an example of how I use it. Pork fillet is on our menu most weeks for curry, casseroles, pies or cut into steaks, as it is here. I like that fact that […]

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Salads are a bit boring

[tweetmeme source=”easyteas” only_single=false http://www.URL.com%5D My heart sinks at the thought of ‘just a salad’ for tea – I’m too much of a carnivore. But I don’t want to end up the size of a hippo so I’m always on the lookout for ideas to make a meal of more exciting salads. The best lesson I […]

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Smoked mackerel fishcakes

This is a favourite weeknight standby of ours. It’s an easy process to put them together and uses easy-to-keep ingredients. I use the vac-packed smoked mackerel fillets which are cheap as chips and give a lovely smoky flavour to the fishcakes. The only other ingredients are mash, spring onions and some breadcrumbs. The method is […]

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