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Pancake cannelloni

‘Pannelloni’ – easy cheesy pancake cannelloni

I always try to eat savoury then sweet pancakes on pancake day – so, cannelloni made with pancakes instead of pasta. These are dead simple to make. Starting with making two pancakes per person – Delia’s is a winner. Make up a ragu or bolognese sauce – or make sure there’s some in the freezer. […]

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Easy summer risotto – inspired by the good cook

I’ve been enjoying BBC’s The Good Cook over the last couple of weeks. I first came across Simon Hopkinson a couple of years ago when I’d noticed his book ‘Roast Chicken and other Stories’ kept appearing at the top of  lists of  chefs’ favourite books or best cookbooks. At the time I’d never heard of […]

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Chicken and veg risotto

A 20-minute tea this, and tastes amazing. Looks like it takes much more effort than it actually does. I think I got the basic method from watching Valentina Harris do it on the telly. It’s simple and a great way to use a really wide range of ingredients as anything goes.

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