Crispy Parmesan chicken

Crispy parmesan chicken

I’m a bugger for a chicken Kiev – love the little blighters. Can’t say no an M&S chicken cordon bleu either.

So I’m always on the lookout for interesting things to do with a chicken breast or two. This is one of the best I’ve found in a long time – a thin crispy, savoury coating and the most difficult thing about it is grating cheese.

Put an egg white in a wide shallow bowl and beat it a little with a fork. In another bowl grate a good handful of parmesan.

Coat the chicken breasts in the egg then in the cheese. Set them onto a plate and leave them in the fridge for 10 minutes. Cook by grilling them until golden brown – be very careful turning them as you don’t want to knock the coating off. I did a bit but it’s quite easy to spread it back on any bald bits.

Perfect with some new potatoes and a big green salad but we ate with with a courgette gratin (which was so tasty I’ll post that too).

This is an Olive magazine recipe.

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