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Osso Buco from above

Easy Osso Buco – Organic September risotto

Two things coincided to make me tackle a simplified version of this Italian classic – it featured on the brilliant Jamie’s Comfort Food and a box of lovely SO Organic goodies arrived from Sainsbury’s for me to try including arborio rice, Pinot Grigio and Balsamic vinegar. So I was all set for a saffron risotto […]

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Onion tarts - fresh from the oven

Big Jubilee Lunch – recipe ideas to bring to the table

As the Big Jubilee Lunch is just round the corner, I thought I’d post some easyteas that are good for sharing, work well on the BBQ or would be a good addition to a buffet. I’m hoping to join the Cardiff Blogs Big Lunch – they’ve been asking food bloggers to help out with recipes […]

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Chicken Curry

Very simple chicken curry

This was a student favourite – before the days of even thinking about authenticity or difficult-to-follow recipes, it was just ‘curry’. What you needed midweek to give you an excuse to make poppadoms. I always used chicken on the bone – thighs, drumsticks or a mix as it’s more flavourful and doesn’t dry out like […]

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Easy summer risotto – inspired by the good cook

I’ve been enjoying BBC’s The Good Cook over the last couple of weeks. I first came across Simon Hopkinson a couple of years ago when I’d noticed his book ‘Roast Chicken and other Stories’ kept appearing at the top of  lists of  chefs’ favourite books or best cookbooks. At the time I’d never heard of […]

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Ragu – just like me mum used to make

It was quite strange to find out in my 20s that what I’d eaten all my life as spag bol was really nothing of the sort. It was ragu and it’s supposed to go with wide pasta. And since I’ve discovered a more authentic version of Bolognese I’d got out of the habit of making […]

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A short series of fishy ideas – 2 “Kerolan” prawn curry

[tweetmeme source=”easyteas” only_single=false With a bag of prawns in the freezer I’m never more than 10 or 20 minutes away from something that feels fairly celebratory for tea. And more often than not, that’s a midweek curry, normally korma or something a bit Thai. I spotted this recipe for Kerolan prawns in a recent […]

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Quick Carbonara – pasta classic in ten minutes

[tweetmeme source=”easyteas” only_single=false This is my version of a rich, silky Carbonara. A bit of low fat creme fraiche supplies the creaminess so that clearly cancels out any calories from the cheese and bacon. I’m sure that’s how it works, isn’t it? I always keep a few little packs of diced pancetta in the […]

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Macaroni cheese – ultimate comfort eating?

[tweetmeme source=”easyteas” only_single=false After another week of solid rain and daytime darkness, I’m falling back on comfort food. Anything with mash in/on it is my ultimate comfort dish I think, but macaroni cheese is a serious contender. Its big advantage being how quick and easy it is to cook and that it’s all storecupboard […]

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Waste not, want not – Great British Waste Menu

[tweetmeme source=”easyteas” only_single=false Just finished watching the Great British Waste Menu. It was a BBC challenge in which four top chefs had to produce a banquet for 60 from food that had been (or would have been) thrown away. The scale of waste is shocking – from farmers ploughing crops which don’t meet supermarket […]

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Homemade pesto and a quick pesto pasta

[tweetmeme source=”easyteas” only_single=false I’d never made pesto before – always seemed like too much hassle when the stuff in jars is so convenient. But I bought a huge bunch of basil from the market recently, did nothing with it for a week and couldn’t think of anything else. In a mini-chopper I blitzed up […]

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