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Onion gravy in a jug

Onion gravy

I make this a lot. Anything with mash needs onion gravy, it’s perfect with sausages and it worked really well with the recent faggot recipe. It’s inspired by a brilliant book – Just Like Mother Used to Make by Tom Norrington-Davies. It bears little resemblance to the original now after a few years of playing about with […]

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Cheese Pie

Cheese and onion pie

This is a rediscovered family favourite. Not sure why I’d forgotten about it, or why it came up in conversation with my mum recently, but  once remembered it’s reestablished itself on our midweek menu very quickly indeed. Probably because it’s so simple to make and tastes amazing – I’m sure there’s a degree of nostalgia […]

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Lost in translation – the Czech steak spice mystery

[tweetmeme source=”easyteas” only_single=false All over Prague, restaurants served delicious richly spiced grilled meats and kebabs. My inner carnivore was in heaven but I couldn’t work out the spicing. There was come citrus, a little chilli, garlic and herbs. Not to be beaten by the mystery I headed for the market near to our hotel […]

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Banana Pancakes

What makes the perfect pancake?

There’s been lots of twitter talk today about favourite fillings for pancakes – it seems most people will be tucking into the classic lemon and sugar. We love them so much we eat them all year – mostly for breakfast on weekends or for a quick midweek dessert. The challenge we set ourselves on pancake […]

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Waste not, want not – Great British Waste Menu

[tweetmeme source=”easyteas” only_single=false Just finished watching the Great British Waste Menu. It was a BBC challenge in which four top chefs had to produce a banquet for 60 from food that had been (or would have been) thrown away. The scale of waste is shocking – from farmers ploughing crops which don’t meet supermarket […]

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Roasted stuffed tomatoes

[tweetmeme source=”easyteas” only_single=false As the saying goes, life’s too short to go around stuffing mushrooms. So stuff a tomato instead – much quicker and easier. The garden’s full of them at the moment so I’m looking for different things to do to use them up. It’s also a good way to use up leftover […]

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Bruschetta and a glut of tomatoes

[tweetmeme source=”easyteas” only_single=false In a rather rash spurt of enthusiasm I planted about two dozen tomato plants in pots in my tiny little garden. It’s now like a scene from the day of the triffids and I need ideas for what to do with lots of tomatoes – cherry, yellow, striped and plum. Bruschetta […]

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Salads are a bit boring

[tweetmeme source=”easyteas” only_single=false My heart sinks at the thought of ‘just a salad’ for tea – I’m too much of a carnivore. But I don’t want to end up the size of a hippo so I’m always on the lookout for ideas to make a meal of more exciting salads. The best lesson I […]

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Homemade pesto and a quick pesto pasta

[tweetmeme source=”easyteas” only_single=false I’d never made pesto before – always seemed like too much hassle when the stuff in jars is so convenient. But I bought a huge bunch of basil from the market recently, did nothing with it for a week and couldn’t think of anything else. In a mini-chopper I blitzed up […]

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Tsatsiki and beef kebabs

I found a yellowed newspaper clipping that I’d ripped out in the summer of 1997 – a recipe for tsatsiki that been meaning to get round to for 12 years!

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