Easy leftovers omelette

If there’s a box of eggs in the fridge, you can always make a tasty tea.

Just by beating a couple of eggs, you can transform the odds and ends lurking in the back of the fridge into something really rather good in a matter of minutes.

Any combination of the following (or anything else you have lying around) is good – a bit of onion, peppers, a couple of mushrooms, a slide of ham, salami or chorizo, tuna, chopped up boiled potatoes, diced courgettes, cherry tomatoes, the end of a bit of cheese. Whatever’s leftover or in the storecupboard. Chargrilled peppers in a jar are very good to keep for this sort of thing.

Use a little frying pan with a metal handle if possible as it’s going to be going under the grill. If you have a plastic-handled pan, you’ll just have to watch it to make sure it doesn’t burn.

Cooking is easy. Fry the veg bits together then add in any bits of meat or fish. Once you’re happy it’s all cooked, pour over two or three beaten eggs – enough to just cover the other ingredients. If you need more, just beat and add another egg. Now keep it cooking over a medium heat. You’re just looking to get the base to a golden colour – sneak a peak by pulling the omelette away from the side of the pan a bit.

With it still uncooked on top, add a handful of grated cheese and pop the pan under a medium grill. Grill until golden on top and cooked through. Works well cut into quarters with a simple salad and crusty bread. Or chips.

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