Easy BBQ – salmon and soy, chicken with lemon and thyme, beefy burgers

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Spark up the barbie

Spark up the barbie

Mid September and we’re having our second BBQ of the year. It’s not been a good summer. Quite taken aback when I popped into M&S for some fish to BBQ and the first thing I saw was a rack of advent calendars. Something screwy with that.

You can knock up some pretty impressive stuff for a barbie in about 10 mins and cook it in about the same time – even quicker if you forget the BBQ and do them for a quick indoor tea. I cooked these three yesterday – did the prep then lit the BBQ while the stuff marinated in the fridge. Really easy and very tasty with a simple salad on the side.


Salmon and soy; chicken with lemon and thyme

Salmon steaks with garlic, soy and maple syrup

Got to give credit to Matt, the chef at the Carpenters’ Arms for this idea. He does his steaks in something similar and they’re awesome. Mix a smooshed up glove of garlic with about two table spoons of soy sauce and one of maple syrup (or honey would be good too). Pop the salmon or whatever else you fancy as this goes well with beef and pork chops into the marinade and give it half and hour in the fridge. Then cook on the barbie or if you live in Wales, more likely indoors on the griddle pan.

Chicken with lemon, thyme and sesame seeds

Can’t remember where this came from; been doing it for years with either chicken or prawns.

Cut up some chicken into roughly 1 inch cubes. Mix a splash of olive oil with the juice of half a lemon and a good shake of sesame seeds (or sesame oil if it’s easier to find – you can leave both out and it’s still really tasty). Now add a good shake of dried or fresh thyme. That’s it, pop the chicken in and into the fridge for half an hour tops – much more and the lemon juice starts to make the chicken go a bit mushy. Skewer onto kebabs and BBQ. I’ve also done this and fried the chicken cubes or prawns to go onto a big salad or used the marinade on whole chicken breasts and roasted them.

Very beefy burgers

Once you make your own, there’s no going back. Proper meaty deliciousness and a piece of cake to make.

Take lamb or beef mince and pop in into a bowl with a shake of salt and pepper and a few teaspoons of ground cumin and coriander if you have them. Mint and rosemary are good alternatives for lamb. If not, a good grinding of black pepper. If you like onions in your burger, chop some finely and fry them. Let them cool before adding them to the meat or you’ll burn your hands. Because the next thing you do is get your hands in and mix everything together well. Form the mix into a ball then divide into two. Divide each half into two again and shape up the four balls into patties. If you barbie them, rub a little oil into the outsides of them to stop them sticking. They work just as well griddled, grilled or on the George Formby grill. The simpler, the better.

Garlic BBQ bread

I said three recipes but I couldn’t resist this too. They’re just too good not to. Cut some nice bread into thick slices – ciabatta or something tidy like that – cut a clove of garlic in half and rub the cut side over the bread. Pour olive oil on both sides and rub that in too then toast on the BBQ or griddle. Watch them like a hawk though. One second they’re raw, the next they’re burnt. Bloody lovely though.

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